Anthony Wong praises Alice Chan: She is captivating!

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Anthony Wong and Alice Chan attended the ending episode banquet of the Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> yesterday.

Although Anthony has not received any invitation from TVB to film another drama, he is interested to film a modern drama. He also hoped that Alice would play his wife or girlfriend in the new drama.

Anthony also sweet-talked Alice and praised her beauty. “She is so captivating. All my friends were wondering why she looked the most beautiful in the drama, and asked me if she had a personal makeup artist. I like her for more than 10 years even before she was married. I like her kind of image the most, so feminine.”

Alice said that Anthony especially loved women with red lips. When asked if he hoped to film kissing scenes with Alice, Anthony said, “I am not so lustful. We would be graceful, but not restrictive. I don’t mind.”

When Alice replied that she also did not mind, Anthony said comically, “I am going to faint.”

Asked if he would support Alice to win the Best Actress award, Anthony said, “If she is being nominated, of course she will win! (But you said the last time Liza Wang will win!) But if it’s Sister Liza, I’m not sure if she has the guts to take the trophy. Between Sister Liza and Alice, I prefer Alice, in terms of appearance.”

Alice immediately replied, “If you film another drama with me, I will have the guts to win.”



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  1. Jessie Reply

    Alice looks very elegant and pretty in Lord of Shanghai!

  2. bearnomore Reply

    Yeah. Agreed with Anthony this time. Alice is very feminine, and have an aura that attracts people. Even though she is in her 40s. She is sure a sexy one. And her roles are versatile. From xiao char bor to classy lady. She can tops it all. Lol.