Bao Ma opens up her sunset romance with Wang Jian-Min

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8B6CAE4FC6EC68CAACA84AC6F5C84751After declaring her relationship with 44-year-old Wang Jian-Min, the 56-year-old Wang Mei-Hua (widely known as Bao Ma) has been subjecting to the public scrutiny.

Bao Ma, who is also Bowie Tsang’s mother and Eric Tsang’s ex-wife, was spotted on a lingerie shopping with Jian-Min in May last year and their relationship was hence surfaced. She was also labelled as the third party for causing the breakup of Jian-Min and his girlfriend then.

During that time, Bao Mao broke down and confirmed tearfully about their relationship. She also apologised publicly to Jian-Min’s parents at that time. After gaining approval from Jian-Min’s mother, the couple relationship gradually progressed and no longer shun away from the public anymore. The couple now goes to the TV studio together and was even spotted on movie dates.

At a variety programme recently, Bao Ma unusually spoke about her romance with Jian-Min. She said, “I do not dare to say that we are husband and wife, but we are boyfriend and girlfriend kind of relatinship”.

Bao Ma also said that she was sorry for Jian-Min that he had to bear the public scrutiny because she was “Eric Tsang’s ex-wife” and “Bowie Tsang’s mother”.

The Taiwanese celebrity also talked about her perspective in finance. She said that she would treat her neighbour to a vacation if she earned around NT$20-30k through shares. Asked if she would bring Wang-Min for a vacation too, Bao Ma replied, “That has nothing to do with money. We are both living in the moment”.


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