Bobby Au Yeung’s condition improves

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20130212171948b16caBobby Au Yeung was warded in the intensive care unit after developing a pneumonia during the Chinese new year gathering in the morning of 11 February 2013. Bobby was rushed to a hospital after he slipped into unconsciousness.

Yesterday, Bobby’s wife, Rosanna Fu shared that Bobby’s condition had improved but still needs to be intubated and could not take in food at the moment. Rosanna said, “He has woken up and has even told me not to worry!”

Rosanna was extremely worried for Bobby during his admission in ICU. After knowing that Bobby’s condition has stabilized, Rosanna appeared to be more relaxed. Rosanna said that many friends had visited Bobby at the hospital, but as he was in the ICU, there was a limit in the number of visitors each time. She hopes to arrange visits with friends when Bobby transfers to a regular ward.

Asked when Bobby could transfer to a regular ward, Bobby’s manager, Lydia said, “Bobby is quite drowsy after taking in the medicine, but he is better now. The doctor said that Bobby would still need to be under observation in ICU for a night. He will not be transferred out from ICU until his condition is more stable”.

Will Bobby consider quitting drinking?

Lydia stressed that Bobby’s condition was not caused by drinking. “His condition has nothing to do with drinking. He had choked on food and caused the virus infection which resulted in the pneumonia”.

Source: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao 

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