Bosco Wong is dating Eliza Sam?

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After breaking up with Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong has a string of romantic rumours with his co-stars such as Bella Lam and Chinese actress Qi Wei. Recently, tabloids claimed that Bosco is currently dating his co-star from Mr and Mrs Bean <貓屎媽媽>.

28-year-old Eliza is the 2010 Ms Chinese International Pageant winner. Possessing a sweet look and a 33C busty figure, Eliza is conferred as the goddess by many male audience. She is also said to be a hot pursued target by many TVB actors and Bosco reportedly has succeeded courting her.

Recently, the rumoured couple was spotted giving themselves away while filming Mr and Mrs Bean. Eliza was initially walking with Nancy Wu and other actresses, but she deliberately slowed down to wait for Bosco. Bosco slowly caught up with her and while everyone was busy setting up for the filming, the pair got closer and whispered happily. When there was nobody around, Bosco even placed his hand on Eliza’s shoulders.

During dinner, Bosco would also took the cutlery for Eliza. Although others were sitting between them, the pair would exchange glances frequently.


An insider revealed, “Bosco would often try to get close to Eliza. He would crack jokes to her and sometimes, taught her Chinese or treated her to drinks. After the filming finished, he would also offer her a ride and did not offer to anyone else. He really put in a lot of efforts to court her. Eliza has many pursuers in TVB. Bosco feels a sense of satisfaction after successfully courting her.”

As Eliza is a heavily groomed by TVB now, the couple reportedly has kept their relationship underground for fear of affecting her career.

Source: East Week 

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  1. samanntha hondo Reply

    i wish that bosco wong and eliza sam are dating so that they are very famous and popular together all over the world! i am from vancouver BC and so is eliza this means that i’m like eliza so much! this also means i’m bosco wong and eliza sam’s biggest fan! my only wish isthat you two get married thats it all!

  2. Jason Chen Reply

    Are they both playing baristas in a kopi luwak shop? how cute 🙂