Bosco Wong’s restaurant will not retrench staff during the pandemic

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Hong Kong is tightening dining restrictions and social distancing measures as it faces a third wave of coronavirus pandemic.

As of July 15, all dine-in service will be be banned from 6 pm to 5 am, and restaurants will only be allowed to operate takeaway services between these hours. Restaurants can remain open for lunch, but tables must be limited to four diners and can only operate at 60% capacity.

Bosco Wong, who currently owns an oyster bar, Oystermine in Tsim Sha Tsui, will likely see a decline in his business.

When asked about his strategy to deal with the dining restrictions, Bosco said, “We can only focus more on takeaway offers. Online orders will have 20% discount. I estimate that sales will drop to 70% to 80%, as there is no night market.”

Bosco also insists that he will not lay off any employee or cut their salaries during this crisis period.

“All the Hong Kong is facing this problem. We are doing our best. The staff have families too. If they are jobless, how are they going to find jobs now?”

He also urges everyone not to let their guard down, and wishes for the pandemic to be over soon.

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