Bowie Tsang hit by drunk motorcyclist

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Yesterday, Bowie Tsang was at her house nearby when she was hit by a motorcycle.

The 43-year-old was accompanying her mother, Bao Ma for a body checkup. When the pedestrian light turned green, Bowie crossed the road and a motorcycle suddenly dashed towards her. She fell on the road and screamed with pain. She was eventually sent to hospital by an ambulance.

In the afternoon, Bowie went to the police station to record her statement. She said to the media, “When it was green light, I crossed the zebra crossing, and then a motorcycle headed towards me. I was hit and fell to the floor. I immediately shouted, Why did you dash the red light?”

Bowie said that she was shocked, but she was lucky to escape with minor injuries. She said that the impact was so huge that her thermal bottle became dented.


“When I took out my thermal bottle, I realised it was dented. It turned out that it had protected me.”

She also urged everyone not to drink while they were driving on the road. As the rider was sincere and apologetic, she would not press charges against him.

Bowie also said that Bao Ma, who witnessed the whole accident, from opposite the road was scared and screamed loudly when she got hit.

When the media wanted to interview Bao Ma, she said, “My mum was almost scared to death. I think it’s better not to interview her.”


Source: Apple Daily

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