Boyfriend allegedly swears and shouts at A-Mei

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41-year-old A-Mei and her 35-year-old bartender boyfriend, Sam Yao is in a stable relationship for three years.

Since dating the Taiwanese singer, Sam has seen a transformation in his life. He reportedly is now living in a NT$300 million luxurious property, and driving a NT$5 million Porsche car, all said to be provided by A-Mei. Two years ago, A-Mei also invested NT$15 million in a third night club for him to oversee the business.

However, just last month, tabloids reported that Sam was hurling profanity at A-Mei publicly at the night club. In a drunken state, Sam’s emotions ran uncontrollable and screamed at A-Mei, “A-Mei, what do you think you are!”

A-Mei reportedly bear with her boyfriend’s offensive behaviour and tried to contain his anger. Shortly after, A-Mei was advised by her friends to leave the place first, but Sam ran after her and shouted, “XXX A-Mei! I have enough of you!”

After the report was out, A-Mei’s fans lash out at Sam and some even urged her to break up with him.

Yesterday, an eye witness shared that there were some discrepancies on the reports. At that night, Sam was pressured by friends to consume champagne and various mixed drinks. After being heavily intoxicated by alcohol, Sam started to have a spat with a bartender.

As A-Mei was extremely tired after days of hectic schedule and seeing that her boyfriend had lost control, she left the place first without informing him. Sam then flared up after realising that she was not around.

He shouted, “Where is A-Mei? Why is she missing?”

After the incident, Sam reportedly apologised to A-Mei the next day, saying, “It was so embarrassing. I was badly drunk yesterday.”

A-Mei’s manager declined to respond on the incident and said, “We do not interfere in our artiste’s personal lives. Thank you for your concern.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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