Carman Lee dares not work with Louis Koo again

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Carman Lee, Rachel Lee, Angie Cheong, Elvina Kong, Lawrence Ng and Koni Lui promoted their upcoming drama, Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> yesterday.

Many of these 90s stars still look beautiful and maintain their looks well. Speaking about her beauty secrets, the 40-year-old Carman said, “It’s important to put in efforts. There are no ugly women in this world. There are only lazy women. I workout regularly, but it’s not for slimming. I only want to maintain my curve.”

Carman also shared that she wished to collaborate with Sean Lau, Michael Miu and Takeshi Kaneshiro. When asked if she would like to act again with her co-star from The Condor Heroes <神雕侠侣>, Louis Koo, Carman joked that Louis looked younger than her now.

She said, “If the show is about a relationship between older woman and younger man, then it’s fine.”

Rachel revealed that she accepted the role after encouragement from her daughter for fear that she would be lonely in Hong Kong. Rachel’s daughter is now studying in Canada. She also said that she felt empty now that the filming is completed.

Angie, who is busy running her own business said that she would not sign any contract with TVB for now. However, she would not rule out filming again if there is any suitable script.


Source: Oriental Daily 

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    I am wondering if Carman Lee Yuek Tung has any personal accounts such as facebook, weibo, twitter, or personal official website? Fans around the world are curious to know if Carman has any of these accounts like other pop stars. It would be a frustrated news for fans who do not live in HK, but still want to connect with their Idol-Carman Lee.

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