Caught on camera! Elva Hsiao pouts lips to ask a kiss from boyfriend!

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Hong Kong paparazzi managed to snap photos of Elva Hsiao and her new beau locking lips!

On 22 September, Elva and Elroy Cheo were spotted shopping at Pacific Place mall in Admiralty, Hong Kong. The couple had no qualms about displaying their affections in public, holding hands and wrapping arms around each other’s waists.

After shopping, Elva and Elroy went for their dinner at a restaurant. Instead of choosing a corner seat, they openly sat near the entrance and were not at all worried about being recognised. The lovebirds could not take their hands off each other on the table even while waiting for their food.


When taking the escalator, Elva suddenly looked up to her boyfriend and pouted her lips, asking a kiss from him! Elroy also reciprocated by kissing her back, and the couple shared a passionate kiss on the escalator.

They then walked out from the shopping mall and Elva patiently waited for Elroy to finish his smoking. Elva and Elroy got up onto a seven seater car, and returned to their hotel.



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