Cecilia Cheung in tears: “This man is not worth loving anymore”

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According to Hong Kong media, Cecilia Cheung is upset after learning that her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse have got back together with Faye Wong.

After news of Nicholas and Faye’s reconciliation surfaced, a netizen named “My beloved Lucas Tse” posted on Cecilia’s official Weibo page, blasting Nicholas for prioritising his work and life over his two children.

Cecilia’s ex-manager, Tiffany Chen also shared the post and remarked, “Nicholas Tse and his ex’s reconciliation is none of my business, but I feel that Cecilia and her two children are so pitiful.”

Accepting a phone interview, Tiffany admitted talking to Cecilia over the phone. “She [referring to Cecilia] was crying when I talked to her. I asked if she still had feelings for Nicholas, she said no. She was sad for her two children because the father did not care for them. This year, the father spent very little time with them. Cecilia welcome him to visit their sons, but he always said that he was busy with work. So, Cecilia said that this man was not worth loving anymore.”

According to Tiffany, Nicholas also did not spend his birthday with his sons this year.


Cecilia also expressed regrets for her mistakes in her relationship and work, and if she was given a second chance again, she might be able to change the outcome of her life.

Tiffany also said that Cecilia is a pitiful woman. “Because she was born with a complicated background, and nobody guided her well, she made mistakes. She now knows her mistakes and I feel we should give her another chance. We will be filming Gods of Honour soon and we will invite her to act as Nezha.”

Cecilia was admitted into a hospital due to acute gastroenteritis a few days ago. Barely recovering from her illness, she suffers another blow after learning about her ex-husband’s relationship.

On the other hand, Nicholas was in good mood during a performance in Sichuan two days ago. When asked about his buddhist prayer beads on hand, Nicholas smiled radiantly and said, “It’s a gift by a friend.”

His beads are likely to be given by Faye, who is a devoted Buddhist.

Source: Apple Daily 

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  1. Madeline Reply

    You don’t know the story so you can’t said you blame nice for their failed marriage. If they don’t love each other anymore then what’s the point of staying together? Don’t say their children cuz being together just for your children won’t work out. Cecelia should move on …

  2. francisca silang Reply

    I think Cecilia should let go of Nic because he doesn;t deserve her love. I hope she can find a man who will love her truly and protect her. She made many mistakes, but she already suffered enough humiliation and maybe learned her lesson the hardway but we should give her a chance. We should not give all the blame to her because there are two sides of the story.
    i think Nicholas can also be blamed regarding the breakdown of his marriage. Maybe in some point, in time he also neglected Cecilia.
    i think his a little bit weird like his father. His girlfriend is too old for him while his father’s girlfriend is too young…..