Chang Chen confirms wedding proposal

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Rumours are rife that Chang Chen had proposed to his former assistant and girlfriend, Ann Zhang on 4 January 2013. At a fan meeting session in Beijing yesterday for the movie The Grandmasters, the Taiwanese heartthrob actor confirmed the proposal rumours and broke the hearts of his female fans.

Chang Chen refused to divulge in details and only acknowledged the wedding proposal but “did not wish to discuss about personal matters”.

His co-star, Zhang Ziyi was rather sentimental after Chang Chen revealed about his wedding proposal. The Chinese actress said, “We once collaborated when we were young. (Referring to their collaboration in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) We have more interactions now in our movie promotion and I feel very happy”.

Ziyi added, “However, everyone has their choices. We will embark to do our own things in future. Like Chang Chen, he will be busy with his personal life….”

Shocked by Ziyi’s remarks, Chang Chen immediately stopped her from saying on. “Please do not go on anymore!”

Was Ziyi hinting that Chang Chen may be stepping away from the showbiz after his marriage?


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