Chasing Lin Chi-ling back again? Jerry Yan gives a big, mysterious smile

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Taiwanese producer, Chen Yu-Shan held a movie premiere for her new movie, Our Time <我的少女時代>.

Although only guest starring in the movie, Jerry Yan and Joe Chen attended the movie premiere to help promote the new movie. When Jerry appeared on stage, Chen Yu-Shan broke into tears as she was very touched by Jerry’s support.

Chen said that when she first invited Jerry to guest star in the movie, she thought that he would decline her. However, Jerry immediately responded her text message, and asked, “When will the filming start?”

Jerry said, “I really want to support her [referring to Chen Yu-Shan], as her film-making process was very tedious. And, this is a local film, we should all support it.”



Asked if he would want to fall in love after watching the movie, Jerry said, “Yes. Falling in love is the happiest thing in the world.”

When asked if he would wish to quickly find a girlfriend soon, Jerry also said, “Yes.”

A reporter then asked if he would chase his ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling again. Jerry just gave a very big smile and did not respond.


Source: Apple Daily

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