Cheryl Yang admits romance with photographer

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After being photographed with her new beau recently, Cheryl Yang finally admits her new found relationship with photographer boyfriend, Ke Chao Zhang.

Cheryl and Chao Zhang first knew each other while filming Big Red Riding Hood <大紅帽與小野狼>. The couple later developed feelings on the set of The Queen <女王的誕生> and started dating afterwards.

In their four months relationship, the couple was spotted on their dates twice. The loverbirds were seen hugging while strolling on the streets before returning to Cheryl’s place together.

Cheryl has since admitted her new found romance through her manager. She said, “We share similar interests be it at work and leisure. We are very good friends that can talk everything under the sun. We hope that everyone can give us the blessings, personal space and the time to know each other better.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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