Chilam Cheung is not upset about his loss

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Chilam Cheung has been criticized after expressing “Does TVB dislike me” at the recent 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards.

After losing the Best Actor award to Dayo Wong, Chilam received the Most Popular Male Character award. While receiving the trophy on stage, Chilam sounded sarcastic on stage, “Does TVB dislike me? Biological children are cute, but loyal children are important for appearing at the right time.”

His statement was seen as taking a dig at TVB which favoured its contracted artistes during the awards. Netizens also blasted Chilam for his “petty and ungracious speech”.

Chilam clarified that he was not upset about his loss. “I am only joking! I only wanted to create some light-hearted atmosphere. I am very satisfied with the results.”

“The results are normal. If I win the award, Francis’ fans will be upset. Everyone has their supporters. This is a happy ending.”

Chilam also said that it would not affect his further collaboration with TVB. He said, “I will continue to film for them! I have to thank TVB for giving me a good platform and an opportunity. It’s a win-win situation.”

Source: The Sun 

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