Chilam Cheung’s net worth shoots up to HK$200 million!

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Chilam Cheung will be considered one of the richest celebrities in Hong Kong!

Chilam has announced that he will sign another 3-year contract with Stephen Shiu Jr.’s China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited. In addition, he reportedly will be designated as the CEO of a new artiste management agency.

At the signing ceremony, Chilam’s boss, Stephen gave him a portrait and a signboard which read, “The Great Chilam”. He also wished Chilam, “Hope you transform from an artiste into a tycoon!”

Besides signing a HK$100 million contract for 3 years, Chilam reportedly will be offered shares in a new artiste management agency. The company is estimated to go public listed in 2 to 3 years’ time, and Stephen reportedly will then allot 50% of the shares to Chilam. Chilam will then also be appointed as the CEO of the company

It is estimated that the shares will be worth HK$100 million!



When asked if HK$200 million is going into his pocket soon, Chilam refused to divulge the actual amount. On if he is going to be a CEO, Chilam said, “That fast? I am really clueless. We did discuss about a partnership on a company, but it won’t happen that fast.”

Chilam said that he would still remain in the front line of the showbiz, and has a lot to learn about business from his boss.

Meanwhile, Stephen admitted that the contract he offered to Chilam was worth more than a 8-figure sum. He said, “7 figure? 8 figure? I think it is more than that! We have extended another 3-year contract till 2009.”

Asked if he would allot shares to Chilam, Stephen said, “There is plan but it is not finalised yet. I have seen many artistes, but none is like Chilam. He is sensible and his earning ability is high.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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