Chow Yun-fat thinks Ice Bucket Challenge is a waste of water

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For the past week, many celebrities have joined in to take up the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and funds for the ALS.

Hong Kong superstar, Chow Yun-fat was nominated twice by his co-stars Nick Cheung and Donnie Yen. However, the 59-year-old has declined the challenge, as he thinks that it is a waste of precious water.

Responding if he would take up the Ice Bucket Challenge, Fat Gor’s wife responded on his behalf, “He won’t take up the challenge. It’s wasting the drinking water, but we will donate to the cause.”

TVB actor, Stephen Au also thinks that the challenge is a wastage of water. He wrote on his Facebook, “Our drinking water doesn’t come easy. Everyone is so happily encouraging each other and cause the water wastage. Please look at the the children from the other side of the globe, who taste clean drinking water for the first time.”

Triumph in the Skies star, Francis Ng also declined the challenge. He said, “I will not take up the challenge due to my health and to save water, but I will still donate.”

Tony Leung, Yoyo Mung and Denise Ho also preferred to donate than to splash water onto themselves. Denise even wrote jokingly on her Facebook, “If everyone likes to see me splashing onto something, then I will be glad to perform watering the flowers.”

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  1. Jessie Reply

    I agree 100%. People are just wasting water for “fun”. If you want to donate you don’t need to waste so much water, it’s more like they’re doing this to get people to comment on them. Donated without wasting water!

  2. Bow Reply

    some people dont realize and appreciate the fact that water is a precious commodities like everything else. especially those that dont live in a country with serious water shortage problems

  3. Peter William Reply

    Yes is a waste of Water. Why must waste to Donate.

    1. edry Reply

      what is a pail of water worth than the awareness gain from this? dun make stupid remarks larr its only make u look more stupid than dumb!!!!

      1. kwong Reply

        But what he said makes don’t have to waste water in order to raise awareness for ALS. Besides, you can choose to either splash ice cold water on you OR donate for the cause. For someone like me who live in a country with water shortage issues, I would rather donate.

      2. Simon Tay Reply

        Only a pail of water? The way this fad is going, it could well be tens of thousands of pails of clean water wasted already! And we have not even talk about the wastage of the ice and the electricity power needed to make those ice! I am sure there are other ways to create awareness for ALS… Btw, from some of videos I have watched, some of these people who take up the challenge didn’t even bother to spread awareness of ALS and seem to do it for fun and as a silly fad! Do these people even aware of ALS?

        1. Jessie Reply

          Simon, I agree with you. Looking at the craze around the world, it’s easily thousands and thousands of pails. If we are talking about litres, I wonder how much litres it is going around the world. In countries where there is water shortage, the people there could well drink it for years! Aside from the famous and rich, I seriously doubt if any of these people donate.