Chris Wang’s wife: “I regretted marrying him. He has so many temptations knocking at his door!”

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Taiwanese actor, Chris Wang and his family are now living in a camper van, and goes on an adventure tour around Taiwan. However, as Chris’ wife, Lin Yixian (commonly known as Lei Ma) had a heart attack recently, the family decided to return to Taipei for a surgery first.

Before the surgery, Chris and Lei Ma recorded a short video on their YouTube channel, and spoke about their marriage.

Chris said that he had a bad temper and the couple would quarrel almost everyday. He has now learnt to communicate to resolve their conflicts. However, he is aware that he was often at fault, and would give in to his wife first.

When asked on their marriage of 5 years, Lei Ma said that she had regretted marrying Chris. She laughed and said, “I regretted it 3,650 times!”

Asked why did she continue to stick by him, Chris immediately chipped in,” She regretted 3,600 times but she is happy about 500 million times!”

Chris said that they had started their marriage with many conflicts initially, but after adjusting to each other’s expectations, they have now found a balance in their relationship.

Many netizens have commented on Lei Ma’s appearance, criticising that she had looked like his helper instead. Chris stood by her and replied, “As long as I like my wife, that’s ok!”

Asked on why he had chosen her as his wife, Chris said, “She is willing to tolerate my wildness.”

Le Ma also exposed that there were many temptations knocking at Chris’ door! She has chosen him because he often springs her with surprise and even shock, and she enjoys the life she is having now.

Source: Ettoday

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