Christine Kuo in tears: “I am not the third party!”

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When breakup news of Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok surfaced, fingers were pointing at Christine Kuo for coming in between their 7-year relationship. Christine was rumoured with the heavenly king after collaborating in a commercial together. Tabloids also claimed that Lynn was upset with Aaron after the latter failed to clarify his rumours with Christine.

Attending a publicity event yesterday for her new drama, War and Beauty 2 <金枝欲孽贰>, Christine broke down in tears over the third party accusation.

“I was unhappy when the company showed me the news this morning. I did not do such thing, and felt terrible as this is not the truth. Please help me to clarify the rumour,” said Christine.

Asked what was the truth then, Christine replied, “I am not the third party like what they said!”

Christine also clarified that she was never in touch with Aaron all along.

Asked if there was any chance of progressing further with Aaron, Christine said, “Aside from work, I will not think of anything else. I think there will not be any chance at this moment. Work will be my priority now. I also know that they (reporters) are doing their job, but I feel terrible that I am being written this way.”


At a celebratory dinner for his new movie Conspirators <同谋>Aaron stepped in to defend Christine and said it was unfair to her. “The fabricated reports may damage a woman’s reputation.”

When told that Christine was in tears over the accusation, Aaron replied, “Huh! Is it that bad? She doesn’t need to cry as she is an innocent party, but her character is like that. Besides, we are not that close after all.”

However, when asked to comment about Lynn, Aaron appeared to be irritated and declined to respond.

“Everyone knows my character. I will not respond to personal matters.”

Asked about his relationship with Lynn, Aaron said, “I will leave relationship matters to fate. All along, I have been very low key on my romance. I do not wish to talk about it and hope that everyone can leave some space for me.”

Source: ihktv, Apple Daily

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