Christine Kuo’s shocking weight gain

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While attending the Starhub TVB Awards 2013 in Singapore on Saturday, Christine Kuo shocked her fans and reporters on the red carpet with her tremendous weight gain.

Known to possess a curvaceous figure, the TVB goddess is a far cry from looking like a goddess. Wearing an unflattering black gown, Christine was meatier from head to toe. Her weight has dramatically shot up from 120 pounds to 170 pounds within six months.

Since romantically rumoured with Aaron Kwok, Christine has been putting on weight. She has also been dropped as a spokesperson for a slimming company. As such, the actress reportedly has also been warned by TVB to watch her weight. Despite dieting and regular exercise, Christine has not slimmed down at all and instead put on more weight.

Hong Kong tabloids reported that her dramatic weight gain was due to a long-term consuming of contraceptive pills, which resulted in a hormonal imbalance.

A source said, “Her manager has personally supervised her meals everyday and accompanies her to her boxing exercise. She has eaten very little and avoids snacks, but she has put on more weight instead.”

“Christine’s weight gain was due to consuming the contraceptives at the beginning of the year. The doctor already advised her of the side-effects and urged her to try other contraceptive methods, but she refused to listen. Instead, she increased the dosage and resulted in a hormonal imbalance. Her body was not in good shape, so she went to see a Chinese physician. As she refused to stop the pills, her slimming result was not significant.”



Source: Oriental Sunday 

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    Christine do your best i will support you all the way. I am experience the same thing with you but dont worry you will be well soon!