Coco Lee celebrates first wedding anniversary

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Coco Lee (李玟) and her Canadian businessman husband, Bruce Rockowitz’s got married on 27 October last year.

Spending NT $600 million on their lavish wedding at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong last year, Coco and her husband returned to the same hotel to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Last month, Coco and Bruce’s marriage was rumoured to be shaky and on the verge of separation. Dispelling the fabricated news, Coco and Bruce flaunted their love during their wedding anniversary.

When Coco first stepped in the hotel, she was teary as it reminded her of the wedding day. The couple also stayed at the same wedding suite and ordered the exact wedding menu for their anniversary celebration.

Speaking about her thoughts on staying in the same suite, Coco said, “I spent the most important day of my life in this room. I was waiting to get married and felt happy but nervous.”

Coco also shared that there was a time where the couple did not meet for 3 weeks as both were busy with their work. However, Coco is very blissful in her marriage as the married couple still have romantic dates such as enjoying the night scenes, strolling at the park and eating hotdogs at the roadside. She will also spring surprise to her husband occasionally such as flying specially to see him when he is on business trip.


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