Cyndi Wang: “I was never the third party”

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Cyndi Wang was implicated as the third party when Sonia Sui and Yao Yuan Hao broke up three years ago. 

At her concert on January 2, 2016, Cyndi Wang professed her love to Yuan Hao and shared about how her life and career had hit rock bottom when she went ahead with the relationship three years ago.

“Some said that I was very brave, and some said I was foolish. They have all asked me if I am able to repeat my life, am I willing to go through again? I want to say that I was very tired at that time. If it is possible, I do not wish to repeat. However, isn’t love like this? If you have a chance to love someone, it’s worth it!”

Although her love declaration made many fans moved to tears, there are many who blasted her for her statement. Some netizens wrote nasty remarks such as, “Shameless”; “You still dare to speak when you are the third party.”

After seeing the nasty remarks on the forum, Cyndi responded personally and wrote, “I was never the third party.”

Cyndi’s agency also issued an official statement on her Facebook, and said that she was just sharing her love perspective, and did not expect netizens to misinterpret. The statement also stressed that Cyndi had never intervened in others’ relationship.

The agency also urged the netizens to stop attacking her and it would take legal action if they continue to defame her.


Source: Ettoday

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