Cyndi Wang labelled as third party again

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Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang is hit by another scandalous report again. Recently, her reconciliation with Yao Yuan Hao was heavily criticised and many regarded her as the third party in Sonia Sui and Yuan Hao’s relationship. Now, tabloids claimed that she was the cause of breakup between actress-host Phoebe Yuan Ai Fei (袁艾菲) and her restauranteur boyfriend Lin Guan Bai (林冠百).

After breaking up with Yuan Hao last year, Cyndi allegedly confided in Guan Bai on numerous occasions. Ai Fei allegedly was uncomfortable about their frequent meetups and quarrelled with her boyfriend several times, reported Liberty Times. Guan Bai, as a result, allegedly broke up with Ai Fei and chose Cyndi instead.

After their breakup, Ai Fei also disclosed that she could not tolerate men who were popular with women and hence initiated the breakup due to their frequent bickering. Friends of Ai Fei also said that “their reason of breakup was explosive”.

Cyndi was said to have dated Guan Bai briefly, but broke off with him after Yuan Hao begged for reconciliation. Guan Bai’s friends reportedly blasted Cyndi for treating him as a “spare tyre”.

Cyndi’s manager have dismissed the scandalous reports and said, “For goodness sake, there is no such thing. They have been friends for a long time “.

Ai Fei also clarified the rumours and wrote on her Facebook, “I am lost and confused after getting up from bed. Why is there such a fabricated report? My life is normal and happy and it is not that thrilling as written in those reports”.

Source: libertytimes, ettoday 

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