Cyndi Wang seeks boyfriend’s permission for sexy image

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Cyndi Wang will be releasing her new album, The 10th Cyndi <第10個王心凌> at the end of the month.

Cyndi has started her singing career with fresh faced good girl image, but now she is going to shed that sweet cutesy image in favour of a sexier one. In her latest music video, Baby Boy, the 31-year-old exudes maturity and her sexy charm in which her new image has drawn praises from her fans.

At a recent promotional event for her new album, Cyndi was dressed in a white blouse which revealed her tiny waist and a striking blue shorts which flaunted her lean legs.

To prepare for her dance for Baby Boy track, Cyndi spent 4 to 6 hours a day for consecutive two months to perfect her moves. She has also lost 2 kg and achieved a 21-inch waist!




When asked if she had sought permission from her boyfriend, Yao Yuan Hao on her revealing outfit, Cyndi smiled sweetly and nodded.

Asked on her marriage plans, a shy Cyndi said, “We are very good now. I like our current status. Please do not pressurize me!”


Watch Cyndi’s latest MV, Baby Boy 

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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