Daniel Chan welcomes first baby girl

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Daniel Chan welcomed his first baby girl on Saturday (5 July 2014)!

The Hong Kong star uploaded a photo of his daughter’s footprints and shared the joyous news on his Weibo. “I am very blessed today that my daughter is born. She weighs 3249 g (around 7.1 pounds) and is 51 cm tall. Both mother and daughter are safe and sound. The big one is very brave and strong, whereas the smaller one is very cute and obedient. It feels very real to become a dad for the first time and the happiness is indescribable. Thank you everyone for the concern and I would like to send my greatest respects for all the mothers in the world. I am grateful!”

Daniel has earlier stopped all his work to stay in Taiwan with his wife, Wang Yuxian to wait for the delivery of their baby. Daniel also witnessed the birth of his baby and praised his wife for her optimistic character before the childbirth.

“My wife was vomiting non-stop since the day she was pregnant. It was very hard on her, but she was so brave. Before she was pushed into the delivery room, she even joked and hoped that the baby would arrive soon. It ended up that she only spent 5 minutes to give birth to our daughter!”

Daniel expressed his admiration for his wife during the delivery process as she did not scream despite being in pain. When asked if he had shed tears of joy after his baby was born, Daniel said, “I did not cry. A man has to maintain his composure at this moment. I want to give my wife the confidence.”

The couple has yet to name their daughter, and will let a geomancer to select a good name for the baby.


Source: Ming Pao

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