Daniel Wu draws criticisms for remarks on “Flower Boys”: A man who doesn’t look like a man

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Recently, Daniel was in China and was asked on his opinions on young actors trying to dress like Kpop “Flower Boys”.

Daniel said that he could not understand why some actors would try to be Kpop stars, “If you dress like that, it will affect your acting.”

“Many actors tried to be a Korean star, and come up with weird hairdo and put on makeup. It becomes something like a man who doesn’t look like a man. This is something which I don’t understand. Many Korean stars dress this way because they are singers, and they are not actors. If you dress like this, it will affect your status as an actor. If you dress strangely everyday, how will you portray a normal character. Audience will have certain impression of you, and this will affect your performance.”

Daniel’s remarks have generated discussions on the social media. While some agree with Daniel’s views, there are a few Kpop fans who have felt that Daniel’s opinions are bias.

One netizen said, “Even if you prefer manly man, you don’t have to trample on other types of men.”

Another said, “Many people have different differences, and everyone’s judgement of beauty is different.”

In fact, Daniel’s statement was only responding to question on, “Chinese young actors dressing like Kpop flower boys”. Some netizens could have misinterpreted his words who thought that he was criticising Kpop stars.

Source: Ming Pao

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