Dayo Wong and Chilam Cheung shoot down discord rumours

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Dayo Wong and Chilam Cheung are rumoured to have fallen out due to their competition for the TV King title at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Although Chilam won the Most Popular Male Character award, he was said to be upset about his TV King loss when he said during his acceptance speech, “Does TVB dislike me?” His statement has caused many to believe that he was sore about losing to Dayo.

Last Friday, Chilam sprung a surprise to Dayo when he suddenly appeared and congratulated Dayo at a meal gathering of Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>.

Chilam and TVB Executive Tommy Leung were initially having a dinner at Causeway Bay. When they knew that the cast of Bounty Lady were having a celebration at Tsim Sha Tsui, Chilam even bought a bottle of wine to congratulate Dayo on his TV King win.

When Chilam appeared, Dayo was excited and the duo kept toasting to each other and took many photos together.

Dayo said, “I really mind that people say that we are not on good terms. I treat Anita like my cousin so I do not wish for this kind of news to affect our close relationship.”

“This meeting is beyond words. It is a good Christmas present. Chilam even brought a bottle of wine along. I am almost drunk!”

Chilam also shared that they had plans to collaborate in future. He said, “Maybe it’s a movie, a drama or other aspect. I am looking forward to my collaboration with Dayo.”


Source: Oriental Daily 

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