Denise Ho slips out that girlfriend is a celebrity

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Since announcing her homosexuality, the public has been curious about Denise Ho’s love life. Denise was romantically rumoured with Taiwanese actress, Deng Jiuyun and was spotted spending a night at the latter’s apartment. The pair has stressed that they are good friends, but did not deny or admit to their relationship either.

Recently, the 35-year-old Cantopop singer accidentally slipped out that her girlfriend is a celebrity too. During the interview, Denise shared that she had not held her girlfriend’s hand for 13 years in public due to her celebrity status.

She was subsequently asked if her girlfriend had complained about their underground relationship. Known for her candid and forthright character, Denise let her guard down and replied immediately, “She is someone from the entertainment industry too. She can understand.”

After saying the sentence, Denise realised she had said the wrong words. She quickly begged the reporters to give her some privacy and stopped grilling her further.

However, Denise shared about her love perspectives. Expressing that she is a conservative person, she will be loyal to her partner and hopes to spend the lifetime with her.”

Source: Ettoday 

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