Denise Ho wants to get married and have kids

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Since declaring her homosexuality, many felt that Denise Ho (何韻詩) is gambling away her singing career. However, the pop singer felt that she had a greater mission; that is to fight for equality for homosexuals.

“I declared my sexual orientation because there are many controversies in this aspect. I never hide my orientation. As a public figure, I like my own sexes and realise that there are many prejudices and discrimination that we can’t even fight for our basic rights. Hence, I cast aside my worries and feel that it’s time to stand up”.

Refuses to speak on Joey Yung

At a radio interview, Denise ambiguous reply of “It’s difficult to respond” on Joey Yung’s (容祖兒) sexual orientation has led to bisexual speculations on Joey. Joey’s manager, Mani had also slammed Denise and urged her not to implicate Joey in further interviews.

When asked if she had once dated Joey, Denise cautiously avoided the question, “I am not responding. I can only say that most of the rumours are fake”.

Responding on the relationship between Joey and Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), Denise said, “I read the newspapers. Since her (Joey) company did not want me to mention her name, I will respect them. I will not comment and will stop talking”.

Has no feelings dating men

When Denise was 15, she began to realise that she had no feelings towards men. During her teenage days, she tried to date men but the feelings were pretty odd to her. She struggled internally when she started to develop feelings for women.

“I was in agony and I did not know who to confide. I dared not tell my parents as I was not sure what their reaction would be. I then plucked up my courage to confide in a church mate. He was so understanding and gave me so much support. I felt very lucky then”.

Denise longs to get married

Being 35 this year, one of Denise’s life objective is to get married. Holding a Canada citizenship, Denise has intention to get married there in future. Canada also legalises same sex marriage.

“Do I have to wait till Hong Kong to legalise same sex marriage? I think I will be 60 or 70 by then. I don’t think I can live that long,” said Denise.

Denise also disclosed that she was a family-oriented person and hoped to form a family after marriage. “I have many friends who have kids after married. I like kids very much and thought of conceiving, but my body is not suitable for it”.

Denise will consider adopting children in future.

Hopes to open up her romance in future

Like any ordinary people, Denise hopes that she can date openly in public.

“I wish that there will be a day when I can tell everyone that I am happily married with this special person. As an artiste, we have too many concerns. We are worried that our actions may affect the other party. I have never tried to walk openly on the streets. My whole life is so discreet. I am worried of being photographed and tabloids’ reports. I really hope that I can openly disclose my romance and have the blessings from everyone”.

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