Did Jerry Yan meet Lin Chi-ling in Shanghai?

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Two days ago, Jerry Yan (言承旭) was spotted shopping at H&M store in Shanghai. It is also coincident that Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) was in Shanghai for her photoshoot, leading to speculations if the pair had arranged to meet there.

Jerry and Chi-ling’s love history

According to the couple’s close friends, Jerry and Chi-ling’s romance blossomed in 2000. After F4’s popularity shoot up, Chi-ling allegedly often accompanied Jerry on his concerts and even hid at the spectators’ seats to watch his performance.

Chi-ling’s modelling career took off in 2005 and became more prominent. However, photos of Jerry and Chi-ling wearing bathrobes were leaked after she sent her phone to repair. In July 2005, Jerry rushed to visit Chi-ling who was hospitalised after falling down from riding a horse during a commercial shooting. Hence, romance of Jerry and Chi-ling surfaced after the two incidents.

In 2006, the couple officially broke off. At an interview, Jerry also stated that he not could give his other half a sense of security. Although he did not specifically name anyone, the public linked it to Chi-ling.

The couple’s friend also disclosed that Jerry and Chi-ling paid close attention to each other news through their friends even after spliting up. Chi-ling allegedly packed her work schedule so that she had no time to think about her relationship with Jerry.

Jerry and Chi-ling managers responded

In regards to the coincidental appearances in Shanghai, both Jerry and Chi-ling’s managers denied that they were meeting each other. Jerry’s manager said, “He is working and staying at a short period of time. He only went to buy something. It’s impossible to meet up.”

Chi-ling’s manager also expressed that she was busy with the photoshoot and had no time to meet Jerry.

Source: appledaily

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