Donnie Yen invited to star in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ sequel

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Donnie Yen has been invited to star as the leading actor in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel <臥虎藏龍>.

The rights of the international acclaimed film was bought over by Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein and the sequel will be directed by the Black Swan Executive Producer, David Thwaites. There are still talks for Lee Ang to take on the producer role although he has declined to direct the sequel.

The filming is expected to commence in the middle of the year and is targeting to contend in the Oscars next year. In addition to his alleged HK$50 million remuneration, Donnie may well get a hot spot in the Oscars next year!

Donnie has since confirmed the invitation to star in the sequel and that Harvey Weinstein had also contacted him two months ago. It is understood that David Thwaites had also flown twice to Hong Kong to discuss the details with Donnie.

Asked if he would accept the movie deal, Donnie said, “I will definitely consider it, but there are two issues which hold me back. Firstly, my schedule is really very tight this year. Secondly, I have the pressure for not being able to exceed the expectations since this is a classic.”

Donnie declined to comment on his remuneration, and cited “commercial secret”.

On the other hand, Michelle Yeoh has also confirmed that she is likely to return to the sequel, although the details are not finalised yet.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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