Drunken Jiro Wang accidentally exposed cosmetic surgery on face

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Although Jiro Wang (汪東城) had denied surgically enhanced his features, there are still ongoing rumours about him seeking cosmetic surgery. Recently, tabloids claimed that Jiro had accidentally slipped out that he had gone through a minor enhancement during a drinking session with friends.

A tipsy Jiro was overheard saying, “My face really did not gone through the knife. It is due to the injection of hyaluronic acid.”

Jiro allegedly told his friends that the hyaluronic acid injection on nose was extremely painful. He also asked his friends to try pinching his nose.

Jiro and his Fahrenheit’s (飞轮海) group member, Aaron Yan (炎亚纶) were rumoured to have fallen out due to intense competition over commercial endorsements and album sales. The pair have also been pointed that they are looking more and more alike, leading speculations if they have gone for cosmetic surgery.

Source: ettoday.net

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  1. SP Reply

    hyaluronic acid injections aren’t typically considered “surgery” by most people