Edison Chen hurls vulgarities at TV host

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A TV host has accidentally stepped on the toes of Edison Chen!

During an interview with Cable TV Hong Kong, TV host Ray Chung asked Edison, “As your fashion label is linked to your popularity, what will you do if your popularity drops and affects your fashion label?”

Edison could have thought that the TV presenter had a hidden agenda for asking the question and immediately flared up. He asked in return, “What popularity?”

For the rest of the interview, Edison showed a black face and was uncooperative with the host. The interview was then carried out awkwardly and the host had no choice but to end it early. In order to protect the TV host, Cable TV Hong Kong reportedly will take out the programme and rumoured to blacklist Edison.

Subsequently, Edison blasted the TV host angrily on his Weibo and Instagram and even hurled vulgarities at him. Besides calling Ray a “bitch”, Edison also sarcastically translated Ray’s English name to “Can Eat Shit”.

He even blasted angrily, “Cable TV hk FxCK YOU AND ALL YOUR PRESENTERS !!!!!!”

Edison’s manager responded that they had a mutual agreement with the TV station that the interview was solely on the fashion label. The TV host also realised that he should not ask any unrelated questions and apologised to Edison after that.

Source: Ettoday 

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