Ekin Cheng denies shotgun wedding

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Yesterday, ‘Young and Dangerous’ buddies, Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan attended an event at Sheraton Macau Hotel alongside with Athena Chu, Chapman To, Eric Suen and Jacky Wu. As both Ekin and Jordan have joyous events recently, the pair eventually beat the rest of the stars and won 50,000 MOP worth of vouchers each.

Jordan and his wife, Cherrie Ying are going to be first time parents soon. Asked if he served the pregnant Cherrie like a emperor, Jordan replied, “I will give in to her at this special period and will try to make her feel comfortable”.

Revealing his gender preference for his first baby, Jordan said, “I hope to have a baby girl first. The elder sister will usually take care of the younger brother better”.

Asked if he would also encourage Ekin to try for a baby, Jordan poked fun at his brother, “How do you know if he did not try? Maybe he has already succeeded and then got married! Ekin should be quite anxious too”.

Rumours were also circling that Yoyo Mung was pregnant due to her meatier figure lately. Dismissing the rumours, Ekin said, “There are indeed such rumours. She is only fit!”.

Responding to other reports that Sandra Ng had recommended her doctor to him to speed up his baby-making plan, Ekin shrugged off the report and said, “Why will I need it when I am so healthy! We do not have any plan temporarily.”

Ekin and Yoyo’s application for an notice of marriage registration in Hong Kong surfaced recently. Interest was aroused about the couple’s date of marriage registration as it has to be completed within three months from the application date.

Ekin remained secretive and said, “I can always re-apply again. We had no choice to do our marriage registration overseas. We just want to separate the marriage registration with the wedding ceremony. This will leave more memories for us”.

Source: the-sun.on.cc

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