Ekin Cheng holding a wedding banquet at street stall

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Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung held a secretive wedding at a restaurant in Tokyo on 28 January 2013. The married couple finally returned to Hong Kong this evening.

Upon arrival at the airport, Mr and Mrs Cheng were immediately swarmed by the reporters who wished to get a first glimpse of the married couple. The loving couple walked out from the airport holding hands. Both were spotted wearing wedding band on their fingers. Many fans also prepared banners to send their blessings to the couple.

Yoyo revealed that the wedding venue in Tokyo was significant to them as it was their first vacation there. Responding that he cried during the wedding, Ekin joked that it was more emotional for him to answer the reporters’ questions. Ekin later responded that it was natural to get emotional at wedding.

As Ekin held a low-key wedding, even his Young and Dangerous brothers such as Michael Tse and Jordan Chan were not aware of it. Carrying the aura of Chan Ho Nam, Ekin joked that he would hold a wedding banquet at the street stall to invite his good brothers. Ekin also specifically wished to apologise to producer Wilson Chin for leaving him out of his wedding. He explained that he did not want to interrupt his filming schedule, hence he did not inform Wilson about his wedding.

Asked about his wedding promise to his wife, Ekin said, “I will not say it here. Anyway, it’s more or less those few words”.

Ekin was also asked if he would address Yoyo as ‘Lou Po’ (my wife in Cantonese). Yoyo immediately jumped to his rescue and said, “Address my name and it will not be wrong”.

Asked if the couple would follow Jordan to have a baby, Ekin said, “We will see how he manage first!”

Ekin also disclosed that they would hold a simple but special marriage registration in Hong Kong.


Source: appledaily.com.hk

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