Ella and Selina not ready for kids yet

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Last week, S.H.E held their first autograph session for new album The flowers bloom again at Taipei. The meet-the-fans session had overwhelming response and nearly a thousand fans came to support their idols.

Although it has been 2 years since S.H.E launched their album, their popularity has not diminished.

Their new album The flowers bloom again has been topping the various music charts since it first launched, and the three S.H.E members are extremely thrilled with the results.

Many fans also queued up overnight for the autograph session. At the session, the fans screamed, “S.H.E is very popular!”

Ella who is known for her quirkiness even tried to speak with a British accent on the day. During the interview, she replied to the reporters in British English and even imitated the lines of Harry Potter. Ella also spontaneously thrilled the fans with a classic hit We are the champion.

The married Ella and Selina were also asked when their kids would be ”bloomsomed”.

Ella replied humorously, “Not yet, still open. Our flowers will still continue to bloom!

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

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