Ella Chen on transgender rumours: “It’s ridiculous”

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Recently, rumours are circling on a Chinese website that S.H.E’s Ella Chen is a transgender, and she has two reproductive organs since young. After struggling with her sexual orientation, Ella finally disclosed to her father.

Yesterday, Ella could not tolerate the rumours anymore and said on her Facebook, “The issue is getting more and more exaggerating. I have to clarify! I, Ella Chen is not a transgender. I promise not to crack on any transgender jokes on myself again!”

In the past, there were also some reports that claimed that Ella was a transgender. She laughed off at the rumours and said, “It’s so ridiculous! Don’t accuse me of being a transgender just because of my character and my dress sense.”

Selina and Hebe have also defended Ella, saying, “She has menses cramps every month. This can’t be fake.”

Ella’s recording label HIM International Music has issued an official statement to dispel the rumours, and said that they would take any legal action for the fabricated reports.

Source: Ettoday

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