Ella Chen’s hosting skills criticised as inappropriate

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Huang Zi Jiao and Ella Chen were selected to host this year’s Golden Horse Awards. Although it was Zi Jiao’s first time hosting the awards ceremony, his witty and humorous style was praised by the audience. Unlike Zi Jiao, Ella was criticised for hosting inappropriately and clumsily.

Many viewers found that Ella hosted the grand ceremony with over the top comedy. Besides helping her S.H.E. team member, Hebe to promote her song on the stage, she also flirted with her husband who was seated among the audience.

Whenever she shouted for her husband’s name, the camera would zoom in on her husband. Many TV viewers criticised that her husband was getting more screentime than any of the nominees.

Ella drew the most criticism when she went down the stage and seated on Liao Fan’s laps. Many netizens blasted her action as inappropriate and unclassy for this formal awards ceremony.

Facing the criticisms, Ella said, “I was prepared to accept the criticisms. I will work harder in the future, and hope to challenge my hosting skills if there is another opportunity.”

Source: UDN.com. Apple Daily 

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