Ella Koon’s dog suffered cruel attack

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Ella Koon’s (官恩娜) three-year-old Collie, Barney was abused recently. Its abdomen was stabbed by a sharp object at the garden of her house.

Attending an event yesterday, Ella was still angry at the cruel attack on her beloved dog.

Sharing that her dog underwent a painful treatment, Ella said, “Barney’s left stomach was stabbed. The vet said that it was lucky that the wound was at the ribs, otherwise it would die if its belly was pierced through. It received ten stitches and its wound still had blood oozing out. It was frightening!”

Ella also revealed that another dog of hers had also been splashed detergent directly into its eyes before. Worried that the abuser would attack her dogs again, Ella had decided to move into a new house.

“I will be moving soon. I am in the open and the attacker is in the dark. Not sure when he will try to hurt my pets again”.

Source: mingpao

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