Elvia Hsiao’s new MV hits 1 million YouTube views in just 1 day

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Elva Hsiao’s latest MV, Shut up and Kiss Me <不解釋親吻> breaks 1 million views on its first day on YouTube. As of today, the MV has hit more than 1.4 million views within three days.

Many netizens have since questioned the calculation of the YouTube views, citing examples that Jolin Tsai’s The Great Artist <大藝術家> and A-Mei’s So do you still love me <這樣你還要愛我嗎> only managed to break 1 million views in 1 to 2 weeks’ time.

Elva’s recording label, Sony clarified that her new MV was heavily advertised on various websites, making it ready for netizens to click on her MV easily. It is understood that Sony has splurged NT$4 million on advertising fees.

Elva was excited when learnt that her new MV has garnered such a good response. She also held an early birthday celebration at an event yesterday.


When asked on her birthday wishes, Elva replied, “First, I hope it will be a peaceful world and everyone can be healthy. Second, I hope that my new album will have good respond. For the third wish, I won’t talk about it.”

During a physiological test asking which part of the body she loves to kiss on her lover, Elva initially picked the “neck”, but as it was not part of the answer, she changed the answer to “forehead”.

When asked why she chose the answer “neck”, Elva said, “I don’t know, but I feel it’s quite romantic. A kiss doesn’t necessary have to be planted on cheeks. Shoulder is quite good too.”

Elva was recently rumoured to be dating Vanness Wu’s brother-in-law, Elroy. When asked what present she had given him at his 30th birthday party, Elva said, “Clothes.”

Asked if Elroy’s parents was around that time, she said, “I did go over to say hello to them.”

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