Eric Tsang apologises for wild party at Disneyland

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It was widely reported yesterday that Eric Tsang had turned the Disneyland into an adult paradise.

At his 60th birthday bash on 14 April 2013, Eric invited his celebrities friends and held a wild party at the Disneyland. He led this guests on stage and sprouted a string of profanities during a Karaoke session. Many celebrities were also photographed smoking freely at the Disneyland.

Responding to the negative reports surrounding his birthday bash, Eric said, “I will take responsibility for causing any kind of trouble.”

“I have apologised to everyone, but they all love me. Disneyland asked me not to worry as the hotel is specifically for weddings and events. Even some grooms and brides will sleep there overnight, so it is not a place for kids.”

Eric said that he was the one who advised his guests not to smoke outside as there were reporters around. The guests only started smoking after all the kids had left.”

Source: Apple Daily

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