Eric Tsang sues LOLLIPOP@F’s Owodog for NT$10 million

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Taiwanese boyband LOLLIPOP@F signed on to Hong Kong celebrity, Eric Tsang’s agency early last year. Eric even threw a grand signing ceremony for them in Hong Kong. LOLLIPOP@F’s member, Owodog (敖犬) praised Eric then and said he was like a “god” to them.

After a year, 32-year-old Owodog suddenly issued a lawyer’s letter to request for a termination of his contract in June. He also negotiated new jobs privately without consulting Eric’s agency.

According to Hong Kong media, Owodog refused to record songs and even accepted jobs privately. He also refused to accept 13 jobs arranged by the agency, and caused the company to lose NT$56 million!

Last month, Owodog reportedly badmouthed Eric’s agency to the media and damaged the agency’s reputation.

Eric reportedly was fuming, and decided to sue Owodog, asking for compensation of NT$10 million! Owodog is also being sued for damaging the agency’s reputation.

Yesterday, Eric issued a statement through Team Power Entertainment, emphasing that Owodog still has contractual obligation with the company. He also criticized him for unilateral terminating the contract, and said it was an unmoral behaviour.

The statement also said that the matter had entered the judicial process, and the current work of LOLLIPOP@F remains unaffected.

Meanwhile, Owodog responded on his Weibo in the evening yesterday, “About today’s untrue reports, I will issue a statement tomorrow. Thank you.”

Source: Apple Daily

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