Eric Tsang’s daughter-in-law lashes out at husband

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Hong Kong tabloids reported that Eric Tsang’s daughter-in-law, Renee had been lashing out on her husband on the Facebook.

Renee married Eric’s younger son, Mark Tsang in September last year after giving birth to a baby girl. The wedding banquet was sponsored by Eric and he also gave a seven figure worth of diamond each to his daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

Recently, Renee reportedly scolded her husband on the Facebook and blamed him for seldom at home. A facebook user, by the name of Mark Tsang, replied angrily, “You do not even ask about me when I return home. All you know is to call me stupid and ugly.”

Mark added that he had to work the whole week and had no strength to quarrel with his wife.

Renee responded angrily, “Mr Tsang, you are not the only one suffering. Do not think that it’s easy to take care of a child. It’s not a big deal to work outside.”

A friend later asked Renee, “Didn’t his father just give you a million?”

Renee replied, “So what? I have spent all away. His father is Eric Tsang. A sneeze can easily get a million!”

She even exclaimed, “Anyway, I have a daughter. They can’t do anything to me!”

Renee reportedly also logged in as “Renee719” in a web forum to lash out at her mother-in-law. In the forum, she criticized that her mother-in-law was the “most hated creature” and the whole family had to listen to her.

Responding on his daughter-in-law’s angry remarks, Eric said, “It’s common for a married couple to quarrel. I can’t do anything if she wants to vent her frustrations.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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