Ethan Ruan admits having “reaction” filming sex scene

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Paradise in Service <軍中樂園> will be Ethan Ruan’s most daring performance in his acting career. The Taiwanese actor and his co-star, Regina Wan will be stripped almost naked while filming an intense sex scene.

In the film, Ethan plays a soldier, who lost his virginity to Regina who acts as a camp prostitute. To prepare for the scene, Ethan padded extra protection in his pants in advance. Despite that, Ethan had a natural reaction when Regina slipped her hands inside his pants during the scene.

An embarrassed Ethan said, “It’s a bit hard to resist that. My body has some reaction.”

Ethan disclosed that he had lost his virginity when he was 18. Recalling his “first experience”, Ethan said, “It was both first time for both of us and we were both scared and excited.”

Ethan also admitted that he felt slightly unhappy whenever he saw his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu’s intimate scenes on TV although he understood that it was just part of her work. Hence, he does not plan to share with Tiffany about his filming this time.

When asked about his wedding, Ethan said, “It will just be a simple wedding, inviting a few friends and relatives.”

As his work is scheduled till January next year, it is unlikely that the couple will get married this year.


Source: Yes Entertainment 

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