Etta Ng has patched things back with her mum

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Elaine Ng and her daughter, Etta Ng had a tense relationship for the past few months.

Earlier, Etta filed a police report on Elaine for alleged child abuse as she was concerned about her mum’s drinking problem. After the mother and daughter reconciled, they had a heated argument shortly after, and Etta even refused to go home.

Last week, Elaine and Etta had a post Mother’s Day celebration, and it seems like they have patched things back.

A few days ago, Etta went on an overseas school trip to Switzerland. When she spotted reporters at the airport, the teenager appeared to be anxious and immediately lowered her head.

When asked how was her relationship with Elaine now, Etta said, “Our relationship is quite good.”

She also said that her mum had reminded her to be careful during her trip.

Recently, Jackie Chan became a victim of death hoax after a malicious report of him dying of heart attack began circulating on the Internet.

When asked if she had known about her father’s death hoax, Etta said, “I don’t know. I have not read the report or heard about such news.”

Source: Apple Daily

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