Evelyn Lin admitted staying over at Leehom’s house with friends

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After Leehom Wang (王力宏) was photographed picking his music video actress (Hua Tian Cuo 花田錯), Evelyn Lin (林筱筠) to his house, the media spotlight has been centred on the Taiwanese model.

Accepting a telephone interview yesterday, Evelyn praised the pop singer for being a gentleman and admitted spending a night at his house with a group of friends.

Evelyn: “Leehom is a gentleman”

When grilled on her relationship with Leehom, Evelyn refused to answer directly at first and said, “Please do not ask me! I do not wish to answer!”

After further probing, Evelyn then disclosed that Leehom hosted a small gathering of five to six friends at his house. She denied dating Leehom and said that he only picked her to his house as she was the last to arrive.

Asked why she only left the next day, Evelyn replied, “Leehom is a gentleman. Everyone was tired. As he had many rooms at his house, he asked everyone to stay overnight.”

The model also revealed that she and Leehom had known each other for a long time and she was also familiar with his aunt.

Denied love declaration

Evelyn denied professing her love to Leehom on her micro-blog. A photo of her painted red nails on Weibo which captioned, “My favourite red….” drew harsh criticisms from Leehom’s fans who warned her to stay away from their idol. Evelyn clarified that she only meant to share her favourite nail colour and did not expect the public to take it as a love declaration.

Evelyn was also shocked with the media attention and that the photographs of her getting in and out of Leehom’s car could be perceived as a romantic relationship with the singer. She also mentioned that Leehom had called to inform her that their photos were taken.

Leehom’s respond

Leehom, on the other hand, denied dating the model and his manager expressed, “They are only friends.”

Asked if it was a publicity stunt by the model, Leehom’s manager replied, “This incident is blown up by the tabloids. It will not affect Leehom’s freedom of making friends.”

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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