Evelyn Lin dates Leehom and rich boyfriend at the same time?

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Although Evelyn Lin (林筱筠) denied dating Leehom Wang (王力宏), rumors continue to swirl about her relationship status with the pop star. Recently, the tabloids also claimed that the model already had a boyfriend and embroiled in a love triangle with Leehom and her boyfriend.

After Evelyn was spotted spending a night at Leehom’s house, the media has taken an interest on her background. Evelyn comes from a middle class family and her ex-boyfriends were all from wealthy backgrounds. She reportedly went overseas to further her studies which was fully sponsored by her ex-boyfriend. Her list of ex-boyfriends also includes Zheng Bogeng (鄭伯耕), who was arrested for a high-profile case of growing marijuana in his mansion a few years ago.

Tabloids also claimed that Evelyn was currently dating a rich second generation bachelor from Hong Kong.

Evelyn denies having a boyfriend

Responding to the allegation that she is cheating behind her boyfriend’s back, Evelyn said, “I have many Hong Kong friends but never heard that I have a Hong Kong boyfriend!”

Evelyn also said that she had a straightforward personality and had many male friends so the media could have misunderstood one of her friends as her boyfriend.

“Can you help me to ask who is he? I am so curious,” asked Evelyn.

Asked if she had dated Zheng Bogeng before, Evelyn said, “He did courted me before. I was young then and it was a naive love.” She also said that she had not contacted Zheng Bogeng for many years and their relationship was a past thing.

Spending a night at Leehom’s house with friends?

Earlier, Evelyn clarified that she was invited to Leehom’s house for a Halloween party. Leehom also asked his guests to stay at his house overnight.

However, Leehom’s house reportedly only had one guest room which was too crowded to accommodate five friends. It was reported that the pop star only had three rooms, in which one was the master bedroom and the other was his music studio.

Evelyn explained that Leehom’s house had a few sofas and some of the friends rested at his studio room.

Leehom refused to respond

Asked if Leehom was aware that Evelyn had a boyfriend, his manager replied on his behalf, “We will not respond to endless allegations.”

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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