Fala Chen reconciles with Daniel Sit?

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In June, Fala Chen hinted a breakup with her alleged husband, Daniel Sit. The couple were rumoured to have married secretly in United States two years ago. After their breakup, Fala and Daniel reportedly have filed for a divorce and arranged for the settlement of their assets. Fala has also moved out from their house at Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong and travelled to United States to further her studies during the heartbreaking period.

Sources said that her trip to the States was a turning point to their relationship. During her stay there, the couple still kept in touch constantly and were closer than before.

Recently, Fala seemed to be in good mood while attending the events. At the promotion for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, a cheerful Fala declined to respond about her divorce rumours but mentioned that she was still staying at Ho Man Tin. However, she declined to respond if Daniel was still staying at the place.

Sources said that the lease of the couple’s apartment at Ho Man Tin has expired. After returning to Hong Kong, Fala immediately renewed the rental lease of their apartment. Has the couple reconciled?

Besides renewing the rental lease of their apartment, a seven-seater black vehicle belonging to the Sit’s family was seen to pick up Fala after the event. The vehicle which has a Hong Kong-China license plate is worth more than HK$400,000 and it has never been exposed in public before.

A driver immediately opened the door for Fala. A perky Fala smiled to the reporters and got on the car to her next working place. After finishing her work at 6 pm, Fala was shocked to see reporters still waiting for her. She said, “You guys are still waiting?”

After biding goodbye to the reporters, she got on the car which was seen returning to her ‘love nest’ with Daniel at Ho Man Tin.


Source: Oriental Daily 

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