Fat Gor’s simple 60th birthday celebration

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Chow Yun-fat celebrated his 60th birthday two days ago. Unlike other stars who often hold lavish and grand birthday celebration, Fat Gor opted for just a simple, low-key dinner with friends.

Many big bosses of film companies have initially wanted to throw a luxurious birthday party for Fat Gor. However, the superstar declined their offers.

Instead, he just had a Poon Choi dinner with 20 over friends at an eatery in Yuen Long. The dinner only costs HK$3,000 for 2 tables.


Fat Gor’s wife also served the birthday boy a cake after the dinner and the couple happily took a selfie with it. On the birthday cake was words which read, “Hubby, happy birthday. Always bless. From: wife”.

Asked about his birthday celebration, Fat Gor said, “I am very happy tonight. I ate the food I liked, and there were many friends celebrating with me.”


Source: Apple Daily

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