Faye Wong to fight for custody of her daughter

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After his divorce, Li Yapeng has been plagued by scandals one after another.

Earlier, he was photographed locking lips with Chinese actress Feng Jingen barely two months his divorce with Faye Wong. Shorty after, he reportedly took another woman back to his new residence at night.

Recently, Yapeng’s established charitable foundation, Beijing Shuyuan China Culture Development Foundation is under the investigation by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs for using the name of charity for property investments and is also said to have unclear financial statements.

Yapeng denied profiting from the charity at a press conference on 22 November. He said, “It’s not appropriate for me to comment now. The Civil Affairs bureau will announce the investigation results within 15 days. Hope that everyone will give us a chance to clarify.”

Since Yapeng is currently assisting investigation, he has no time for his 7-year-old daughter, Li Yan. Since under the take of her father, Li Yan reportedly has turned rebellious and often gets into trouble with her classmates. She has also skipped classes for days. Upon knowing this, Faye Wong flew back to Beijing from Hong Kong.


Faye reportedly took Li Yan to her brother’s place for a few days, but Yapeng took her home last week.

A source said that Faye initially gave the custody of her younger daughter to Yapeng. “This is Faye’s biggest love to her ex-husband. Afterall, Li Yapeng’s primary job is to look after the Smile Angel foundation. If the daughter is not under his custody, what reason is he going to use to organise the annual fundraising dinner?”

However, Faye is said to have changed her mind after seeing that her ex-husband has no time for their daughter.

“Li Yapeng is constantly hit by scandals and has no time to take good care of their daughter. Faye is angry and told us that she will take everything to fight for the custody of her daughter,” said the source.

Source: Apple Daily 

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