Film director confirms Zhang Ziyi’s pregnancy

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The director and cast of Oh my God <从天儿降> was promoting the new film. However, the film producer Zhang Ziyi was absent at the press conference.

Ziyi’s pregnancy rumours have been circulating for sometime. She reportedly is in the United States now, and will be giving birth in December.

During the press conference, film director Wei Nan confirmed Ziyi’s pregnancy.

When asked how he would invite the pregnant Ziyi to attend the promotional event, Wei Nan said, “Actually, we did not know that she was pregnant at that time.”

Asked what gift he would prepare to congratulate her, Wei Nan said, “Our box office results.”

The director also said, “Whoever filmed this movie will get pregnant. Even Li Xiaolu was almost pregnant.”

Ziyi and Wang Feng tied the knot after dating for two years. The couple reportedly registered their marriage in Hong Kong in June.


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